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Create QR codes for contacts using QR Factory 3

QR codes have become an increasingly popular way to share information quickly and easily, particularly in situations where it may be difficult or impractical to exchange information using more traditional methods such as email or physical business cards.

Creating a QR code for a contact that includes their vCard information is particularly useful because it allows the recipient to easily import the contact information directly into their address book or contact management system. This can save time and reduce the likelihood of errors or typos when manually entering contact information.

QR codes can also be used in a variety of contexts, from personal networking to professional events, to facilitate the exchange of information with potential clients, partners, or colleagues. They can be printed on business cards, displayed on websites, or shared via email or social media, making it easy to distribute contact information quickly and efficiently.

Using QR Factory 3, it's incredibly easy to create them and even include multiple emails, phone numbers, postal addresses and social profiles. It supports adding in all the fields one at a time, or using an existing contact that's already in the system (either macOS or iPadOS).

In addition, it has many other common types of QR codes templates built-in, along with the option to create multiple codes using a simple CSV file.

Download QR Factory 3 from the App Store today for either macOS or iPadOS and enjoy all the features for free for 7 days.

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