Temperature Gauge Upgrade

Free upgrade to TG Pro

Apple decided that we are no longer allowed to update Temperature Gauge (TG) on the Mac App Store. As a response to this, we decided it would be beneficial to all customers if everyone had the same modern app: TG Pro. It has many more features such as fan control, logging, diagnostics, support for all new Mac models and more.

To upgrade, run Temperature Gauge once, then download TG Pro from the button below. TG Pro will automatically register itself so a license key should not be needed.

Version: 2.72
Published: August 27, 2022

Important: If TG Pro prompts for a license key, make sure to open TG from the Mac App Store once before running TG Pro. If it still prompts for a license key, please email us along with proof of purchase (screenshot of receipt from Apple, etc) and we'll get it fixed up.

Aren't apps from the Mac App Store supposed to be updated there?
Yes. Although in this case, Apple has told us that Temperature Gauge 4.1 is the last version we're allowed to release on the Mac App Store.

Why aren't new verisons allowed on the Mac App Store?
Temperature Gauge accesses some low level hardware to get temperature and fan information through a publically available IOKit interface. This is no longer allowed on the Mac App Store, which is why new versions will not be approved by Apple.

What do I do with the old version?
Once you've updated to TG Pro, you can safely move Temperature Gauge to the trash.

Why update everyone to TG Pro instead of having two different apps
All future developement is on TG Pro, so having one unified app that everyone is running regardless of where they bought it from is the best solution.