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TG Pro

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Premier fan control app for macOS - temperature monitoring, fan speed control & diagnostics.

File Peek

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Hex editor, file hashes, date changer and info.

Disk Diet

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Reclaim GBs of disk space in about a minute.

Folder Tidy

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Quickly organize folders.

Balance Lock

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Keep your Mac audio centred when plugging in an output device.

Bill Boss

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Keep track of bills + notifications. Syncs with iCloud or Dropbox.

Silent Start

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Silence your Mac's startup chime.

Graphics & Design

QR Factory

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The most advanced QR code creator for macOS + unlimited batch codes.

Developer Tools


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Create professional Cocos2d particle emitters for iOS, macOS and Android.


Spelling Alphabet

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Translate hard to speak letters to phonetic words using the spelling alphabet.

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Tunabelly Software Inc. is a Canadian software development company.
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Specialize in making amazing macOS, tvOS and iOS apps.