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QR Factory 2.9

The most advanced QR code creator for Mac + enjoy unlimited batch creation from CSV files.

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Compatible with Mac OS X 10.9 and 10.10

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As a graphic designer I have used several QR Code generators but this one beats them all.

Mac App Store Review from Chrisnah80

Great options, smart UI. There’s no better app on the market to help generate high quality QR codes with a variety of finishing options.

Mac App Store Review from Unshaven marc
Create unlimited batch codes from a CSV file, even 100,000 or more!
See how
Choose from 9 different types of content (Plain Text, Email, URL, Location, Phone/SMS, Person, Wi-Fi Setup, Calendar Event or Social).
Customize with rounded corners, beautiful color gradients, background colors, or your own logo in the middle.
Save as a Bitmap (PNG) or Vector (PDF).
Export the code info so it can be imported later without having to refill all the fields.
Instantly share on FaceBook, Twitter, Email and more.
Verify right in the app that the code will be readable with the built-in checker.
Print QR codes right from the app.
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