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M2 Pro & M2 Max: Fan control and temps with TG Pro

Screenshot of TG Pro running on a M2 Pro MacBook Pro.

We're pleased to announce that TG Pro 2.78 now has full support for the M2 Pro & M2 Max chips in the new MacBook Pro and Mac mini!

This includes all the CPU/GPU configurations available for:
• MacBook Pro 16-inch (Mac14,6, Mac14,10)
• MacBook Pro 14-inch (Mac14,5, Mac14,9)
• Mac mini (Mac14,3, Mac14,12)

This was a tricky one since the new models have a slightly different way of exposing the temperatures and they also do not report valid numbers if the CPU usage is low. We were able to find a way around this and it will continuously update the temperatures just like every other Mac.

It incorporates as many temperature sensors as we were able to discover in each model along with full fan control. We'll work to increase the list if we find any new sensors that map to known hardware.

It also includes minor fixes and improvements from the last few updates covering the connection to the fan helper, better logic for getting the last shutdown reason, an informational message when enabling drive temperature monitoring and more. The full list of changes for each version is available in the release notes page.

Download TG Pro today and enjoy a free 14 day demo and see why thousands of people love and trust this amazing Mac utility!
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