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How to keep the Mac Studio fans quiet

Manual mode

The new Mac Studio is a beast, no matter how you look at it. With a massive number of CPU and GPU cores, it would seem that when under a heavy load it would require the fans to run at a higher rate than normal. However, with numerous sites reporting that this isn't the case, it's a not a big surprise given the amazing job Apple has done designing the M1 Max / Ultra chips.

Due to this fact, we've had quite a few customers ask if it's possible to lower the fan speeds to the minimum (which is 1100 RPM) to help lower the fan noise as much as possible. This can be very useful for environments just as audio recording, where even the slightest noise can be an issue.

We're happy to show how this is possible in two different ways using our thermal management tool, TG Pro. Not only does it have the ability to monitor and change the fan speeds, it also displays all the internal temperatures that aren't normally available, such as the CPU & GPU cores, Thunderbolt ports, ambient airflow, around the case, etc.

To set this up, first download TG Pro (all features except diagnostics are available free for 14 days). Then use the button below to see step by step how to keep the Mac Studio fans quiet.

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