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Mac Studio gets temperature monitoring & fan control

Mac Studio running TG Pro

We're proud to announce that just one day after the new Mac Studio was released, we've updated TG Pro to version 2.67 with full support for this new model. This includes for both versions of the hardware:

• Mac Studio (2022) M1 Max (Mac13,1)
• Mac Studio (2022) M1 Ultra (Mac13,2)

TG Pro is the first app available to monitor the internal temperatures of the Mac Studio, including the CPU cores (Efficiency & Performance), GPU, memory, power supply, Thunderbolt, airflow around different areas of the case and more. In addition, it has full fan control to monitor the speeds or boost them to help cool down the Mac if needed.

In fact, on the M1 Ultra model, all 20 CPU cores are shown! That's right, all 16 Performance and 4 Efficiency core temperatures are shown. This is a true powerhouse of a machine and being able to monitor the CPU temperatures can be very helpful.

TG Pro showing M1 Ultra CPU temperatures

A full app tutorial is provided to guide new users through the different features and options of TG Pro.

It's a free update for all users, and new users are welcome to download the free 14 day trial, with a license key available for purchase for a one time fee of $10USD (at the time of this writing).

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