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Disk Diet Helper

Automatically clean up unused app translations and system logs.
Disk Diet 4.0 or higher must be installed to use this.
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What do I do with this?
Open up the disk image once it's finished downloading, and double click the "Disk Diet Helper Installer" app. It will prompt you for your user password to install the helper tool.

Where is the languages helper tool being installed?
The languages helper tool will be installed to /Library/PrivilegedHelperTools/com.tunabellysoftware.DiskDietHelper

Why do I need to download this?
To allow Disk Diet to automatically clean up unused language translations from applications. Without this helper app, you would have to manually remove each translation folder in each application (which you can do if you really want to). It also helps to clean system logs more effectively.

Why can't Disk Diet just do this to begin with?
The current Mac App Store approval guidelines do not allow asking for administrator privileges (for cleaning system logs) or modifying other applications, which includes removing unused language translations.
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