TG Pro

Your version may be pirated and/or tampered with

We've detected that the version of TG Pro that you're using is not the same as the one we officially published. It is no longer properly code signed which means that anyone can add or change the code within the app, including inserting malware. In addition, fan control will not work as a safety measure since the main app isn't from us.

This is how people pirate TG Pro - they change the code inside so that it reports it's always registered, even when it's not. This means it's been tampered with and we cannot assure that it's safe to use. There is a big chance that it could have some type of malware/spyware, especially if it was downloaded from a warez, torrent or cracked software site. It's easy for someone to add malware since the Hardened Runtime has been removed, Gatekeeper has been bypassed in order to launch it and it's not code signed by Tunabelly Software.

The only safe version to use that's guaranteed to be from our official TG Pro page, or the download link below.

Please support indie Mac developers, we work really hard to keep TG Pro constantly updated with improvements and support for all the new models!

TG Pro requires macOS 10.11 or newer. Compatible with Big Sur (macOS 11) and Monterey (macOS 12).
One license is valid for up to 3 Macs for personal use. Business use requires one license per Mac.
No subscription required.
All updates to 2.x are free.