Texty for Google Messages

Android users finally have a Mac app for text messaging

Updated for Apple Silicon | macOS Big Sur

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Version 1.1.3 - July 12, 2021

Free to download and use, with optional IAP for Pro features.
Requires macOS 10.14 or newer on Intel, and macOS 11.0 on Apple Silicon.

Android users have been left out when it comes to texting with macOS. There was no easy way to integrate an Android phone with a Mac for texting other than using Google Messages in a browser tab. It wasn't a true solution with many missing features.

Meet Texty - a fully native app, custom built to integrate Google Messages into the macOS ecosystem. Quickly see all conversations, know how many unread messages are waiting, reply to a message right in Notification Center and more. It feels so natural it feels like it shipped as a part of macOS.

All it needs is an Internet connection - there are no requirements for the phone's physical location (it does not use Bluetooth). It supports traditional SMS and MMS messages as well as the newer format, RCS (Rich Communication Services), so it's already future proofed.

Texty is available in multiple languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese and Chinese Simplified. It takes less than a minute to get setup, it's free (with optional IAP for Pro features), so download it today and get started!

It's a Mac App

Texty was hand crafted using Swift and contains everything you'd expect in a world class Mac app. From the unread messages dock icon badge, to notifications with inline reply and automatic dark/light appearance, it's all there. *

Finally, Android users can feel like they have a proper solution for text messaging on their Macs.

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Inline Replies

One of the most important features is the ability to reply to a message quickly without interrupting the current workflow. No more switching to another app and loosing where you were - instead, just type the reply in the notification and click to send.

Quick Setup

The setup list is so short, it all fits here:

  • Make sure Messages (by Google) is the messaging app on the Android phone.
  • Open Texty on the Mac.
  • On the phone, open Messages, click the three dots, then choose "Messages for Web".
  • Point the phone at the Mac screen.
That's it. The phone is now paired up and Texty's ready to be used.

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Stay in Sync

All the conversation details including the sender name & number, messages, photos, etc are synced between the macOS and Android versions of Google Messages.

Send a message on your phone, and continue the conversation on your Mac.

More than Text

Messages are usually full of text (they are called text messages for a reason), although sometimes a photo is what's needed.

With Texty, it's super easy to share or save a photo. To include one in a conversation, just drag or click the choose photo button. Conversely, to save a photo, just drag it to the Desktop.

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      Single Conversation

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      Notification - inline Reply

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      Single Conversation

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      Notification - inline Reply

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* Some features require a Pro subscription