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Recover License

Need to recover a license for one of our Mac apps? All of the app versions on our website require a license key to activate. We use Paddle as the middleware for both purchasing licenses and activating them.

For the self-serve option, enter your email below and Paddle will send emails with the details of all your transactions. Just make sure to use the email address that was used to purchase it.

Recover License:
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Get Help

Have a question about one of our apps? Check out the FAQ first - there are many answers to common issues/questions!

We also have full app tutorials for both TG Pro and Folder Tidy.

If you have any questions or issues, please feel free to email us anytime at or tweet us at @tunabelly. For refunds, here are some helpful details on how to get a refund for both App Store and website purchases.

We do our best to reply quickly although it's possible due to a large number of emails that you may not get an immediate reply. However, we can promise that we do read every single email and will reply as soon as possible.

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Download Again

Need to re-download one of our Mac apps again? Choose which one here for a direct download: