QR Factory 2.9.17

Professional QR code creator

Export as bitmap or vector with colorspace support
Unlimited batch codes
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Create the best looking QR codes easily and quickly using QR Factory.

Over 10 built-in types of codes with customization options for rounded corners, background gradients, a logo in the middle and more.

Export the codes into multiple types depending on the requirement. For bitmap, there's PNG and TIFF, for vector (great for posters or large printing), there's PDF and EPS. On top of this multiple colorspaces are supported, including RGB, Grayscale and CYMK.

Need to create multiple codes? Use a CSV file to create as many codes as necessary with all the customization and export options available. We've successfully tested creating over 100,000 at once - there is no limit, and no in-app purchase required for this feature.

QR Factory is designed to be secure from the ground up. QR codes created are stored locally, so they are owned by you. There's no hosting, re-directing to ads or any type of interference when scanned by a customer.

It's also notarized by Apple, uses the Hardened Runtime and has built-in support for the Internet Access Policy (when using Little Snitch).

QR Factory requires macOS 10.11 or newer. Compatible with macOS 11 Big Sur.
One license is valid for up to 3 Macs for personal or business use.
No subscription required.
All updates to 2.x are free.

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QR Codes for All

Includes built-in templates for 10 different uses of QR codes:

  • Text (including Unicode)
  • Email
  • URL
  • Location
  • Phone
  • Person
  • Wi-Fi
  • Calendar
  • Social
  • SEPA


Beautiful Customization

Create codes that stand out with rounded corners, linear/circular gradients, a transparent background or even add an icon in the middle. It's so smart it even traces the path around the icon no matter the shape to add a perfect border.

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Export Thousands

Using a formatted CSV file, an unlimited number of codes can be exported with a few clicks. The perfect solution for creating QR codes for inventory, business cards, posters and more.

There's no in-app purchase required, it's already included with QR Factory.


Professional Output

With support for exporting PDF and EPS for vector based files, QR Factory is the go to app for printing codes. Add in the ability to save in Grayscale, RGB or CMYK colorspaces, and it's all set for perfect color reproduction and scaling.

Exporting to bitmap formats is covered too. With support for both PNG and TIFF at sizes up to 4096 x 4096 pixels, it's easy to create great looking codes.

The codes can also be rotated at 90° increments when being being saved to help with certain layout requirements.

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Full Control of Codes

All the exported codes are generated and saved locally - nothing leaves the Mac.

The codes are not hosted by us and therefore we have no interaction with them. There are no restrictions on what can be done with the codes, no ads shown when scanned, no redirects, etc.

Code Verification

No more codes in the wild that can't be scanned because of a certain color pattern or from being obscured.

Quickly verify that a code is scannable with the built-in verifier. With one click, QR Factory will run a test to see if a customer would be able to successfully scan the code.

Using the verifier, it's easy to increase the reliability level until the code is scannable.


    Reliability Level: Low

    Code Readable: No

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    Reliability Level: Medium

    Code Readable: Yes

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How to use QR Factory

Frequently Asked Questions

QR Factory was designed to be straightforward to use with all the features being easy to access. To help with this, use the link below to see answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Creating Multiple Codes

QR Factory uses formatted CSV files to enable exporting multiple codes at once. These can be saved from Excel or Numbers after adding the appropriate columns and values. Use the link below to view the file format and how to use the different options.

People love QR Factory

Since QR Factory launched in 2014, we have added many new features and improvements in each update over the last 6 years. We listen to our customers, and a lot of these changes are based on their valuable feedback and requests. Professionals love using QR Factory with the ease of use yet powerful options, especially exporting multiple codes at once.

To see what's changed with each update, check the latest release notes.

QR Factory has many 4 & 5 star ratings on the App Store from happy customers.

Softpedia: QR Factory gets 4.5 out of 5
Techwok: QR Factory scores 9 out of 10 (Hungarian, English Translation)

As a graphic designer I have used several QR code generators but this one beats them all. App Store Review of QR Factory


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