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Folder Tidy 2.6.2

End the chaos of your unorganized files.

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Compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 or higher.

Take a look at your Desktop, or the Downloads folder - is it a little disorganized? Or maybe really disorganized? Don't worry, it's really easy to clean up. Download Folder Tidy right now and choose the folder to organize and with one click you'll see the files get sorted into the appropriate sub folders (Pictures, Word Documents, Numbers, Archives, etc).

Need a little more control? Open up the preferences, change the order of the built-in rules, or start to make custom rules. Use the powerful predicate editor to make pretty much any rule you'd like. For example, create a rule to move all photos with a size bigger than 5MB and older than a year into a folder. Pretty neat, eh?

Try the free trial today and end the chaos of your messiest folders. An in-depth Folder Tidy tutorial is also available to help get you started.
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Whenever I go to tackle the endless amount of collected files, Folder Tidy is the tip of the spear.

Mac App Store Review from EMJAYWLZ

Wow really easy. Now i can see my desktop picture!!!

Mac App Store Review from E-angel

Need a little more info on how to use it? Check out the in-depth Folder Tidy tutorial.

Tidy up any folder (including the Desktop) by moving the mess of files into organized sub-folders. For example, all files that are movies go into "Movies", all images go into "Pictures", etc.
Use the simple yet powerful built-in rules for a one button tidy.
Create advanced custom rules to tidy the folder exactly how you want to.
Move everything back at the end of the tidy if you change your mind.